Sharp saw Sam Bennett's side dance a comic Buffoon dance and commented on it with reference to the Wyresdale dance in the Sword Books. Bennett gave it to Kenworthy Schofield as a dance in a line a of six and here it is combined with the village revival's interpretation of the dance which they do in a normal morris set.



Ilmington version of the tune.



Single or double steps for the reel, depending on which period of Ilmington morris is being simulated.



in a line of six, 1> <2 3> <4 5> <6, to start.



Reel of Six for 16 bars, ending in two rings of three, one at each end of the set, 1, 2 & 3; 4, 5 & 6,


Bar 1

On each beat, one person in each circle claps both hands together, slaps their right knee with their right hand, strikes their right hand on their right hand neighbour's shoulder, ie going round anticlockwise, pause.


Bar 2

On the first beat, knee the same neighbour up their backside.


Bar 3/4

The receiver does it to their right hand neighbour.


Bar 5/6

The last does it to the first.


Bar 7/8

All get back to their place in the line, perhaps turning round. (use hop backsteps and a step and Jump)



Reel of Six.



As before but instead of kneeing, make a feint with the fist.

This sequence was repeated ad lib.

The village side has the order of `business' as kick backside, punch the face, stamp on the left foot, and pull the nose. They end the dance by going into whole rounds and all-in from the reel.

© 1990 R.L. Dommet